The Story Within Us All

Aroon has interacted with and spoken at various places and occasions to all kinds of audiences – students, book lovers, multinational corporations and non-profit organisations.

Here are examples of his talks and presentations. Click on each title to read more about the talk or presentation.

As children we have a rich make-believe world of our imagination and as we become older, we lose this faculty and settle into a life of routine. Using humour and applied wisdom, Aroon Raman will speak on how to nurture a rich inner world – which also enhances our creativity and lateral thinking. He will also place his talk against the backdrop of his bestselling novels – The Shadow Throne and The Treasure of Kafur.
What are those simple yet highly effective steps to building a great company from the very first day you decide to start a business? What decisions will impact your success or failure soonest? What are the critical few things I need to focus on to ensure early results? These are some of the questions on which this talk will focus, aimed at both start-ups and companies in various stages of evolution.
The bigger our companies and the more successful we are, the less innovative we seem to become. Size and innovative ability seem almost opposed to each other. How can companies become highly innovative irrespective of their size and nature of business? How can innovation be part of the organization’s DNA? In this practical step-by-step talk, Aroon Raman guides companies on how to build the innovation centred organization – designed for success in a rapidly changing world.

  • Strategy Made Simple
  • Building the Indian Multinational
  • Feet on the Ground, Reach for the Sky – a Simple Guide to Organization Transformation

All the above themes will be grounded in practical experience with lessons drawn from several organizations in India and Overseas. Aroon Raman has used his own experience of more than three decades in building world-class companies to develop the above talks. All have powerful yet practical themes that can be put into practice both at the personal and organizational levels.

Indian history is filled with amazing stories. The complete range of human interest and experience is reflected in the rise and fall of empires and in the interplay of the often unique characters on the stage of Indian history. In this talk, Aroon Raman will focus on a few of these episodes with a view to making them come alive in the minds of his audience and will also place his talk against the backdrop of his novel – a Mughal period adventure called “The Treasure of Kafur”.


Each theme/topic is carefully chosen to maximize the listening experience for the audience. Over the years, he has spoken to more than 100 organizations and clubs including Infosys, MindTree, CII, E-Bay, Aditi Mallya School, Sishya School, Bangalore International Centre and Rotary Clubs.

Using humour and applied wisdom, Aroon places his talks against the backdrop of challenges in the modern world. His sessions are peppered with light-hearted yet meaningful anecdotes from his journey as a successful entrepreneur. Aroon stirs up passion in his audiences who in turn find him inspiring and insightful.


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